Wednesday, June 1, 2016

What we learned in May

Over the years, done some blog writing, then deleted sometime last year, I needed some space in my life. Now I'm back to try this blog writing community again.

One author I have been reading for a few years now, and whose voice so resonates with my thoughts, is Emily P Freeman at It's quite amazing how her words just hit home albeit I am across an ocean thousands of miles away, a different season, a different community.

Anyway so I read her posts and includes "Let's share what we learned" (May 2016) to be found here

SO what did I learn in May?

1) That helping someone truly get off the streets from homeless and jobless is indeed more than just a 5 minute 20 dollar action. That when you start out with this action, it's not usually as short cut immediate help done and dusted as you may think. And after a week (or two, or three), one must remember not to get frustrated, irritated at the poor person you are helping - he may now have a roof a bed and some food daily, and seeking for work, but just because you are now in the picture it does not mean his life has instantly resolved itself.  And even when we can't afford it : if we have a warm bed, daily bath, food to eat, clothes to wear and a work to go to - among the many other hundreds of conveniences and privileges - then we can afford some assistance beyond the 20 dollar hand me out. And that somehow if we feel called to assist beyond more than 1 night's plate of food or bed, then we have to continue as far as possible on this journey until the person really has been uplifted.  And that somehow God called me to assist in this way. This person. This way. A slow and perhaps tedious way. I don't know the whats and whys. Maybe it was to make me truly appreciate my daily Blessings and 'conveniences'. That even when I thought I was appreciative, the possibility of this young man really sleeping on the streets so scared me I booked him into a backpackers. And that that young man came across our life at a point in time, for a reason. I haven't figured out the reason beyond wanting to assist my daughter who introduced us to him, and I know there are many dangers, and he could 'bleed us dry' and lie around waiting for us to spend our money futilely on him, but sometimes...just sometimes, there really comes a moment in life, an opportunity when we are compelled to do more than what is our usual modus operandi. When it's as if we hear THAT voice somehow saying to us, "You can assist him. You must assist this one." I can't explain it, no. I think sometimes one does such things because it might look good to others (NO); it was a flash decision and now you regret it (NO); you consider it your Christian duty (MAYBE), but it's always more than duty. It has to be. It might start as duty but when it becomes patience and long suffering and 'love', then I believe I am on the right track as my mom tried all her years to teach me. And as I taught my daughters. So when she brings me someone: not all the time, just now and then, someone we might judge. Unemployed. Ex druggie. Potential loser. When she does what I have taught her for 18 + years, then how can I not do but that which God asks of me. And actually, it's not me doing this. It's God somehow doing it through me. That's all I believe. We are indeed His Hands. May He continue to guide and lead me on this road.

2) I also learned in May that various websites such as and podcastchart(s).com and the have the best podcast/learnings/listenings around. I don't  consider myself much of an auditory person, I'm way more visual. Words can flow over my head and 15 minutes later I've heard some noise, but the subject matter and words have not always sunk in. So I turn the speed down from normal to slow - and no it's not stretched out slow - it's just slow enough for me to hear and for the hearing to move from the physical ear to the auditory part in the brain. And yes one can get so much listening in during off times such as in the car driving to work, or when in the kitchen doing standard 'slow' work - such as peeling potatoes . And of course it's good to improve your auditory skills. So I have had a fun May in that regard. Unfortunately my physical reading as such has been reduced, not only through being busy busy at the office, and then time is limited in the evenings, one of the reasons I tried the auditory versions of documents - I've listened to a good many podcasts on Hope* - excellent website and But my physical reading of books has declined, I'll have to try fix that in somewhere.

3) I also learned it's good to go to doctors and physios so they can inject you and sort out aches and pains that come with age and damaged muscles/tendons whatever gets damaged. So my shoulder is better than what it was the previous  6 months

4) And finally, I also discovered walking 3km with 2 best friends chatting 9 miles to the hour makes 'exercise' fun.

Come link up here and share with us what you have learned in May. Have a great start to the June month, here we are heading into winter (mild compared to Northern states of USA et al) but winter nonetheless for us.

This is what winter looks like in my part of the world (South Africa). No snow here, mainly dry and browny grasslands with crisp winter mornings air, sunny days, and cold evenings. I love every inch of it